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A digital solution for value-based care

Digital care coordination in action

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Provide patient-centered care with software

Enhance patient engagement and experience.

Empower your patients with personalized care that leverages technology. Offer telehealth options and guided workflows that facilitate clear decision-making, thereby enhancing their experience.

Enable integrated, coordinated care.

DocIndy offers optimized workflows that increase patient participation and improve clinical performance. Our platform supports effective care coordination, which can help cut costs while enhancing outcomes.

Inform next best actions.

Leverage data visualizations to take action. Gain insights into your patients’ and practice’s health status with integrated healthcare analytics. Make informed care decisions with better data.


Value-based care performance metrics drive reimbursements

The success of value-based care depends on patient experience, clinical efficiency, and managing at-risk populations. DocIndy’s comprehensive solution empowers you to optimize engagement and support patient-centered care planning, thereby simplifying care management reimbursement.

Comprehensive care coordination in three steps

Find the best care coordination software package for your needs within minutes.


Request a software demo.

Explore how DocIndy functions, and select the optimal software package for your situation.


Seamlessly implement your software solution.

Get up and running at a pace that works for you. Our support team offers training to ensure you know exactly how to use DocIndy.


Engage patients through value-based care.

Provide integrated, coordinated care and meet value-based care goals, so your patients thrive while your organization excels.